Top 10 Behaviors of Personal Leadership

People love a good top ten list now and then and this happens to be a good summary list of the behaviors that great leaders typically possess. While the behaviors are by no means earth-shakingly new, it is handy when you can go over them in a glance. In no particular order, they are: self reflection, self awareness, self care, continuous learning, listening, operating rhythm, gear shifting, focus, clarity of purpose, and gratitude. In short, lead yourself before leading others. It’s probably a very tough act to be doing every behavior cited in the list very well. But there could be those rare individuals who carry them all out brilliantly. It is probably more usual for a leader to possess spikes in certain particular behaviors at different stages of leadership development. And in taking a leaf right from the list, start to reflect on which behaviors you would like to work on more at your stage of leadership journey.

SourceEblin Group


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