What no one tells you about the best CEOs

It probably goes without saying that outstanding CEOs have a knack to take appropriate risks and act on opportunities. They show a greater sense of purpose and mission, and demonstrate passion and urgency by moving boldly and swiftly to transform their companies. Great CEOs often go to the core of the issue and have a “nose” for what are the most significant issues, challenges, threats, and opportunities facing an organization. What is probably surprising to most people is that these CEOs believe that the best idea should win and that they often obtain the best ideas by working collaboratively with others.

Source: Havard Business Review


Why re-orgs fail

Re-orgs commonly fail because employees actively resist the changes. Some members in the leader group may actively resist the changes. In some cases, the org chart changes, but fundamentally the way people work stays the same. Ultimately, if it is not handled properly, good employees who are disenchanted leave because of the re-org.

Source: Havard Business Review

Jack Welch on leadership traits

According to Jack Welch, only two leadership traits Edge and Execution can be taught. And for the rest, it boils down to personality – energy, energizing others and passion. So you can say leaders are both born and made.

Source: Businessinsider