Four Errors of Change Management

No matter what specific changes a change management program is intending to bring, those aims necessarily involve a sustained changed in the employee’s behavior. Unfortunately, change programs of many firms usually fail to bring about those new behaviours due to four errors that undermine the change efforts. These errors take the forms of neglecting employee’s individual interests, under-engaging the extended leadership team, failure to sufficiently empower the Change Management Unit, and allocating ‘fire and forget’ targets. In order to minimise the occurrence of these errors, the management should strive to make participation in the program individually rewarding. The company should closely engage the extended leadership teams in encouraging change, and empower the Change Management Unit to drive the program. Lastly, the company should also define effective metrics to track progress.




Why re-orgs fail

Re-orgs commonly fail because employees actively resist the changes. Some members in the leader group may actively resist the changes. In some cases, the org chart changes, but fundamentally the way people work stays the same. Ultimately, if it is not handled properly, good employees who are disenchanted leave because of the re-org.

Source: Havard Business Review